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Regeneration of Feed screws

Welding feed screwThe "welding" of feed screws is an economically attractive repair in relation to the new purchase of a feed screw. Diameters that are less than Ø 25 mm are very sensitive to the warping during the "welding". The correction (polishing and focus) of these feed screws is a very labor-intensive activity, making the economic benefit less. We can replace these feed screws often cheaper by a new one. Feed screws can be welded with Stylite 6, Stylite 12 or Colmonoy 56. Further there is the possibility to opt for a Wolfram Carbide layer. Chromed feed screws (such as extrusion) must first be de-chromed, before they can be overhauled, to do this, we also have the possibilities.

Possible revision work could be:

  • Feed screw cleaning
  • Feed screw de-chroming/chrome plating;
  • Welding feed screw flanks;
  • Feed screw Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD technology) with TiN or CrN;
  • Feed screw drive restore;
  • Feed screw polishing;
  • Feed screw core band grinding;
  • Feed screw focusing.


 Welding feed screw Welding feed screw Welding feed screw

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