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The static wing mixer consists of 4 rustproof elements
with specificaly arranged wings, in order to mix the cast.
Each element is arranged in such a way that by combinig several elements a complete mixing system develops.This system produces the desired homogenity through continous swirling of the fusion stream in layers, wich are spread over the whole flow diameter (Fluitec patent with license).

Characteristic of the CSE wingmixers

• 4 mixing elements
• Completely detachable - simple cleaning
• High mechanichal firmness through casted ring system
• Pinned to ensure perfect assembly

The advantages of the CSE wingmixers are

• Thermally homogeneous melt
• Uniform melt viscosity also with high regenrate portion
• Closer tolerances, better surface quality of the shaped parts
• Homogeneous color distribution -> streak-free products, reduced coloring costs
• Amortization by production advantages within short time
• Function warranty for your calculated case of application.  


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