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Feed Screws

Feed Screw Feedscrews general

The rotation of the screw conveyes the mass trough the cylinder up to screw tip, while it is continuously melted. Afterwards the melted mass is injected through the Non-return valve.

Standard feedscrews

The standard screw with the data: 50% feeding zone, 30% compression zone, 20% ejection zone has worked in most of the cases.
Our manufacturing program covers screws of this design and in different material qualities for the majority of machine types present in the market.

Degassing feedscrews

It is rarely considered to extract the humidity from thermoplastics by means of a degassing plasticising unit. Degassing units consist, simplified expressed, of two firmly with one another connected three-zone screws. With 24 - 26D length degassing screws longer than normal standard screws (18- 22D). Under any circumstances PBT should not be processed, since water causes a molecular dismantling. Available only after sample or design!

Thermosetting polymer screws

Available only after sample or design!

Extrusion plants

We are able to manufacture any kind of extruder screws if a sample or design is available.

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