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The barrel of a plasticizing unit has to fulfill many tasks. These tasks exist primarily in the admission and guidance of screws, barrel caps, nozzles, heating elements, thermocouples, cooling devices and hoppers for the material to be processed.

The mechanical and thermal load of the pressure of the mass starting- and contact pressure on the sprue liner of the tool wear (abrasion and corrosion) by fillers and additives on the barrel is not to be underestimated.

Also thermal load especially while processing high temperature materials e.g. PEEK makes high demands on the heat resistance and hardness of the implemented steel.
Furthermore a high influence is put on the components by the shortening of the cycle time and increasing plasticizing performance, which inevitably results in a continuous wear.

We, as competent suppliers of plasticising units, offer you co-ordinated with your case of application the optimal solution.

Our program of barrels covers barrels for injection moulding machines and extrusion machines (bare tube, groove sockets and degassing barrels) of:

• long-term-nitrated steel
• Bimetal
• HIP material

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