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TechnikumTechnical Center for testing and training - Efficient operation, optimum service and high quality!

At the WINDSOR technology center in Hanau, we give interested customers and partners the opportunity to learn the advantages of the innovative technologies of all-electric injection molding machines from JSW (The Japan Steel Works, Ltd.).
Processing trials, energy measurements and training can be carried out on machines ranging from 550 kN up to 6,500 kN. You can assess the different economic advantages of the machines as well as utilize WINDSOR’s unique energy measurement tools. We let you use different cycle times and processing parameters to calculate energy productivity.

Testing can take place under near-production conditions and utilize high-quality peripherals from our partner companies.
The machine benefits and the good price-performance ratio will make the decision to go all-electric easy. Comparisons to actual customer’s production tools running in hydraulic machines has shown 60 - 70 % energy savings and even cycle time reductions of 10 %.

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