Energy Saving

Energy saving in comparison to hydraulic machines

The power consumption of an all-electric injection molding machine is significantly lower than a similarly sized hydraulic machine.
With the same tools and same process parameters, electric machines show up to 70 % less energy consumption when compared to hydraulic ones. WINDSOR compares measurements with a specially developed measuring system.

Energy saving in comparison other all-electric machines

JSW machines are more efficient than other all-electric machines as well. The power consumption of a all-electric injection molding machine by JSW is lower when compared to electrical machines of similar performance by more than
15 %. We can calculate the savings that you would achieve by switching to a JSW machine.

No hydraulics, no oil cooling

The servo motors make power delivery highly efficient. You do not need water cooling, this saves on needing an expensive water supply for cooling.No more oil removal issues or hydraulic system maintenance (or failures). Special measures for groundwater protection are a thing of the past.

Energy TableEnergy Table

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