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Full Elektric Injection Moulding Maschine JSWWINDSOR Overview

WINDSOR is a company with over 50 years of technical advancement in injection moulding machinery. In the past, WINDSOR created many innovations and advanced the state of the art including the largest injection moulding machine in the world at the time and the first plant-wide monitoring system for injection moulding machines. In 1994 WINDSOR’s parent company closed down production of new machines and WINDSOR continued as a spare parts and service company. Almost 20 years later, WINDSOR continues to provide support for the 1,500 WINDSOR machines still operating around the world but has taken its strong technical orientation into new business areas:

Injection Moulding Machinery

Even with WINDSOR’s strong hydraulic engineering capabilities, the future of injection moulding is clearly all-electric machines. The key benefits are: a higher level of precision, shorter cycle times and much lower energy consumption. After evaluating several machines, WINDSOR chose to partner with JSW to bring their machine into the German speaking and East European markets. JSW was one of the first companies to develop an all-electric injection moulding machine and continued to refine the technology over the last 20 years. With thousands of machines in service, electric injection moulding machines are not a new idea to JSW.

Hydraulics Distribution

WINDSOR is a full line hydraulics distributor and can provide pumps, valves, fully engineered hydraulic blocks, power units and many other hydraulic parts for all applications. We have the capability to custom engineer solutions for our customers and you will find that our prices for hydraulic components are highly competitive.

Specialized and Custom Machinery

WINDSOR has developed several “standard” specialty machines including our patented PlugXPress ™ secondary injection unit, one platen machines for overmolding, sequential valve gating systems and core casting machinery, among many others. We continually look for opportunities to develop new ways of helping our customers get more out of their existing equipment.

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