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ETP Plastics, your partner in the plastic industry.

For the machine standard solutions, of course, you can make an appeal to ETP Plastics, but we are really known for our custom-made capabilitiesETP Plastics B.V. is thè address for the plastics processing industry.Our product range includes, Non-return valves (RSP's), various types of nozzles, static & dynamic mixers and complete plasticizing units (screws and barrels, including heater bands and thermocouples etc.

Custom-made solutions.

For the machine standard solutions, of course, you can make an appeal to ETP Plastics, but we are really known for our custom-made capabilities. We are independent and, in addition to providing you new spare parts, we can regenerate your existing screws and cylinders as well.

Cleaning & Maintenance

As exclusive distributor for Fil-Moor Media Solutions we supply concentrated cleaning and preservatives detergents for moulds, worldwide. We also have a extended range of feed screw detergents in powder form or ready-to-use.

Auxiliary Equipment & Accessories

We have a various portfolio of auxiliary equipment  such as; dosing units, hopper loaders, dry-air dryers, mould temperature controller, water flow regulator, chillers, and hot runner controllers along with cables and power cords. But also hopper magnets, Non-return valves disassembly tongs and heating bands.

(Anti) Static Treatments

ETP Plastics has an extended program to solve your static problems of your end product or semi-finished product. Each product is specially designed in that way it can be used in several ways. For instance the Ionizing Anti Static Bars can be used to eliminate Static Electricity in different kind of processes throughout the Automotive, Converting, Plastics, Electronics, Packaging, and related industries. Surface tension is essential for printing, sticking and plastic industry. Higher is the surface tension of a material, stronger will be the adhesion of a substance (stick, ink).


In addition, we also supply masterbatches on specific carrier, such as, for example; POM, PC, PMMA, TPE and TPU. Next to this we can offer you also masterbachtes on PE and PP carrier.

All-electric Injection Moulding Machines

ETP Plastics represents Windsor Technologies GmbH in the Benelux for their complete program of PlugXPress multi-component units, spare-parts, gas-injection technique and (after)sales. This includes also the JSW All-electric injection moulding machines, up 25.000 kN.

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