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ProductsSol~pur® is a special cleaning concentrate for an injection moulding machine for plastics, injection-blow moulding, injection-blow extruders and extruders.

Our cleaning concentrate sol~pur® is composed on a chemical base and contains materials removing and flushing even strong combustion residues such as plastics
with a high level of rubber. It does not contain any abrasive or corrosive components, but is not safe for the production of foodstuff, but quicker than ver~rus®.

Sol~pur® is applicable for temperatures from 130°C to over 400°C.

In connection with hydrocarbons and temperatures above the melting point,sol~pur® can achieve astonishing results.

It creates pressure in the cylinder and builds froth at the same time. Due to this chemical reaction, the cleaning concentrate cleans all areas of the machine
(including cylinder, worm, nozzle, head, hot channel and tools) in one transaction.

It is not important whether colour or materials are being changed or the machine is just cleaned in regular intervals.
New residues build up much slower than before (e.g. in the worm, etc) and the maintenance cycle is therefore prolonged.

The result: Saving time and material!

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