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Plast-CleanThese products are environment friendly and safe detergents, which are specially developed to remove burned rests of plastic, which will stick during the production time on the matrix and through the matrix also on the products.

Especially on light and transparent products are these moistures very good visible. Also in this case: no sprays, but refill bottles. And also, no aerosols, so gross is net content. Besides you do not have to pay for removing the chemical waste!!

We have concluded from research in the laboratory as well as in practice that there isn't a universal solution to all plastics, but there are at least 2 main groups.

Therefore we have developed 3 products:

  • PLAST-CLEAN Q1 for among other things PP and PE
  • PLAST-CLEAN Q2 for among other things ABS, Polyester, POM, PMMA and PA
  • PLAST-CLEAN Q3 for among other things for the highest polair plastics like PA6.6 and ink rests.

A big advantage of these detergents, the matrix can, while staying on the machine, be cleaned during the production. In this way you will save time.

How to use: In case you /the operator sees dirt (in form of burnt plastics) on the surface of the mould or the surface of the products itself, you just stop the machine and you spray one of the Plast-Cleans on both inner sides of the mould. You can help it a bit by cleaning with a cloth but in most cases not necessary. Then you start the machine and with the first 4-6 next products you produce the dirt disappears. The higher the temperature the easier you get rid of the dirt. Eventually you can repeat this procedure once more.
If you use other plastics than mentioned above, we can advise you which PLAST-CLEAN suits to your products.

The Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and the Productinformation can be downloaded at the menu conserning.

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