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M-Protec V12

M-Protec V12M-Protec V12 is developed on the basis of 3 essential criteria


A few seconds after spraying, there will appear a stable coating. This coating gives optimal protection, also after a long time, even after years in a moisturizing environment. This coating does not change; therefore you can simply remove it even after a very long time with a cloth. For places hard to reach, there is a Solvé-Plus S2, an adequate solvent, which takes care of 100% removal.
The dirt will be avoided if you use M-Protec V12 during maintenance. Otherwise the dirt will be replaced through the ejectors on the products.

Environment friendly:

M-Protec belongs to the environment friendly products, because the slightest damaging components have been chosen. M-Protec will be delivered in durable refill spray units, so not in bottles for one time use only. The pressure used is no aerosol, but air!!! Additional benefits: the gross content is the net content (sprays contain 30% aerosols). Another benefit is that you not have to remove the sprays.

User friendly:

It goes without saying that the slightest damaging components are used.

Solvé-Plus S2

Solvé-Plus is developed in such a way that it is an ideal solvent is for M-Protec V12. At the same time is this product based on the most save, environment friendly and user friendly components.

The Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and the Productinformation can be downloaded at the menu concerned.

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