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Mouldcleaning & preservation

Mouldcleaning & preservationWe are world wide distributor of these mould cleaning and preservation products. On this site we show you the information for each product.

At "Productinformation" you will find the productinformation and Safety Data Sheets (SDS) of all these products in *.pdf format. This is easy to download.

1] M-Protec V12 [mould preservation];
2] Plast-Clean Q1, Q2, Q3 [mould cleaning]. 

Feedscrew cleaning

New in our portfolio are special products to keep your feed-screw in top-condition. These products are supplied in powder or liquid form.
We can supply you the following products:

1] ver~rus;
2] sol~pur;
3] per~tas;
4] Screw-Clean (liquid).

Barrel cleaning

The product mentioned above can be used to clean your feed screw, but do also have a cleaning effect on your barrel. Beside these product we supply also different brushes to clean your barrel.

IBS type F2Cleaning tables and accessories

We may also mention our dealership/distributor of IBS Scherer GmbH. This is a leading German manufacturer of cleaning tables and liquids for the cleaning of your components in the workplace. The various cleaning tables are all equipped with the unique, patented, quality pump (developed by IBS) that provides a trouble-free operation of the purification table. The models are robust built, meet all the necessary quality requirements and are equipped with the various quality marks.

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